Its only ben a week!

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Its only ben a week!

Post by Bluespark89 on Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:23 am

its only ben about a week sense ive really ben flying, so many fails though! Razz
Little black Eachine H8 has ben stuck in TWO Trees! First time was me, was able to lean a ladder on the tree and climb up 15-20 feet. Second time was my Fiance launched it into another tree, that tree didnt have a way to climb up though so i had to invent a pole with lots of duct tape, a broom, a long plank of wood, and a squeegee. Was a interesting contraption lol.


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Re: Its only ben a week!

Post by multicopterdesign on Fri Nov 06, 2015 2:01 pm

Last week while taking some aerial shots with my new folding suitcase drone I am trying to kickstart on kickstarter, I was flying very high getting ready to make my pass.  I felt a bite on my arm and reached down to swat it, only to find to my horror I lost sight of my drone.  I kept looking and looking and thought omg what was the last position I had this in.  I then tried to visualize landing it and gave it my best shot.  I found it the other day, we ran the video and learned it crashed from over 1,000 feet up.
The only thing that broke was the white landing gear on motor 1. Pretty tuff stuff this new material.


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