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suitcase deltarotor kits for sale Empty suitcase deltarotor kits for sale

Post by multicopterdesign on Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:20 pm

Hello fellow fliers.

For those who want to see the kickstarter site it is here.
I want to take the time to share with you a project that is well underway and ready for orders.
It is a folding drone, (deltarotor is what I am calling them), that will fit inside of a small suitcase for travelling.  
The deltarotor is made out of a material that is light as wood and strong as carbon fiber. These new designs are being cut out on CNC machines.  Each one will be exactly like the next one.  The custom designed studs will be the only thing I will manufacture for these kits.  The aluminum studs will come with ca glued brass knurled inserts that accept a 3mm screw.  The ca glue is psi to withstand 3,000 psi strength.
For the price of $69.00 you will get all the parts to assemble a kit.  This will include the studs, the pdf printed directions, the parts, the DIY landing gear, wingnuts, screws, and nylon thread lock nuts will be included.
I will also be selling separately, out of the new material a set of four motor mounts; these can be used for the DIY type builder.  You should consider that the material is 7mm thick.  I suggest you use a 3mm machine screw that is at least a little over that 7mm to mount your motors too.
Now you can fit your deltarotor inside of a small suitcase, with a couple of un attached screws that will be included, fold it out, and screw it in place with the inserted brass knurled nuts that are installed on the bodies. These new deltarotors can be fully customized to your needs.  The one that I show in the video can fly for 10 minutes under normal flight with a total weight of 1500 grams on 935kv motors and 4s 4000 mah lipo battery strapped in the undercarriage.  If you want to add FPV to this setup you can.

This deltarotor falls into the 430mm class.
Dimensions are:
Height without landing gear- 5 5/8”
Width folded out- 13 5/16”
Length of body to nose- 15 15/16”
Folded up width- 6 ¾”

These bodies were designed to accept the kk2.1 board and power distribution boards.  You can oversize or re-drill new holes as needed for other flight controllers. The new material is tooled just like wood.
These new deltarotors are very durable and perfect for beginner fliers.  I have never flown anything kitted more stable than this design.  Not only will you fly a custom made frame, but one that will look like wood and be as strong as carbon fiber.  
Look at the video for proof of its stability and how well it handles in the air.

I am a novice flier as you can tell from the videos.
The suggested equipment needed will be included in the directions that each kit will come with.
There are already plans to sell separate electronic harnesses that will fit any of the designs pre- wired. (pricing is to be determined).
suitcase deltarotor kits for sale Deltarotor%20Frame%204%20of%2025%20Medium_zps04bhxwho
suitcase deltarotor kits for sale Deltarotor%20Frame%2012%20of%2025%20Medium_zpsf9ttocdk
Also I am offering a universal light kit head-light and tail-light assembly that should fit any quad or drone.  These will be sold separately or as a add-on for the kits.
suitcase deltarotor kits for sale Deltarotor%20Frame%2011%20of%2025%20Medium_zpshmsch5ai
If you do not want to assembly one of these and would like to buy a rtf model, please contact me to discuss this by email.  I will build you one like in the video after we discuss pricing and delivery time.
suitcase deltarotor kits for sale Deltarotor%20Frame%2016%20of%2025%20Medium_zpstiyv8zun

You can reach me here.


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